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If you've been looking for a better, more sex-positive kind of porn, you've come to the right place. Female Porn Directors is a comprehensive online directory of women filmmakers who create porn. The erotic films they make span genres, kinks and fantasies. Importantly, they all bring their own female perspective to the work they make and they all share a desire to make good porn.

Female Porn Directors features an exciting variety of free porn videos so you can see what type of erotic films these women are making. The sample movies here have been provided freely by these adult directors so you can get an idea of what each creator is offering. You'll find short films and explicit scenes as well as interviews, peeks behind the camera and other great stuff.

The site also contains biographies and background information on these female directors of porn. You'll discover where they're from, why they like making pornography, what awards they've won and more

There's also information about ethical production and distribution of adult films. This site stands behind a "fair trade porn" ethos and encourages viewers to think about where their erotic content comes from, how it was made and how best to support the good stuff.

Inside you'll find out who the leading female producers and directors are, what type of erotica they make and where to get it. So if you're 18, come inside and start enjoying a more positive, respectful and better quality style of porn.


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